The History Center museum features rotating exhibits on the people and events that shaped the history of Olmsted County. The exhibit gallery changes regularly, so visit periodically to see new stories and different artifacts on display.

                                                   Current Exhibits

Our current main exhibit is “Traveling While Black” outlining the challenges that were faced by black travelers in the fifties. The exhibit features the “Green Book,” the guide that listed establishments across the US where blacks could find lodging, places to eat, and purchase gasoline. Read Ruth and the Green Book, a children’s book about a young girl’s trip to visit her grandmother in the 1950's. Learn the impact of discrimination on Rochester and its black residents through oral histories of Rochester residents who experienced discrimination. Then, visit a re-creation of a typical guest room at the Avalon Hotel, which was first listed in the “Green Book” in 1948.


                                                                                  Traveling While Black 

Our new exhibit is Farmington Township 1855, outlining the life of residents of Farmington township in the 1880’s.  Discover the short lived Potsdam Flour Mill and the effects of the stage coach road.  The exhibit features a breaking plow used by early farmers and a bustle dress owned by a local immigrant. 




                                                                                   "Dressing the Abbey"
                                                                                 Open until April 4, 2020


                                                  Traveling Exhibits

The History Center has quite an array of traveling exhibits scheduled for the upcoming years. Each one will be exhibited for anywhere from several weeks to several months. Plan your visit now and don't miss out! 



                                                           Rochester Symphony Orchestra:  100 Years


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