Unearthed Excitement: Gardeners Discover Mayowood Tunnel

History Center of Olmsted Comedy’s Community Garden volunteer, Glean Millions, dug deeper than intended. “I pushed my shovel into the ground, and it just kept going!” she said. HCOC contacted archeological experts to establish proper management of the unusual find. Initial investigative testing and research suggests a strong possibility that the uncovered tunnel runs between Dr. Charlie Mayo’s Mayowood Home and Dr. Will Mayo’s Foundation House. Prior to the construction of Mayowood, the famous brothers had neighboring homes and had discussed the creation of a tunnel adjoining the houses. Wives Edith and Hattie Mayo put an end to the plan. It now appears, however, that the scheme was improved upon and begun during the construction of Mayowood. As the tunnel also runs through the Stoppel Farmstead, it is likely members of that family were contracted for the creation of the tunnel system. Full excavation, scheduled for Summer 2022, is expected to provide new insight into the Stoppel and Mayo family histories. Donations for this project should be mailed to HCOC c/o Bookkeeper Barn Remittal, or donate to the History Center at any time at History Center of Olmsted County (olmstedhistory.com).  

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