Unearthed Excitement: Gardeners Discover Mayowood Tunnel

Something new has been found on the History Center grounds...

The Super Power You've Always Had: Old Photos, Family Memories, and that Mix Tape of 80's Classics

What is nostalgia? Can it be a force for good? During this holiday season, many people are gathering with families and reflecting on the past. These reminiscences are a form of history and can have a beneficial impact on both individuals and communities. Read on to learn more about the benefits of good nostalgia. 

A Mystery Even After Death: The story of Jacob Dieter

In 1862, Jacob Dieter enlisted in the Union Army in response to President Abraham Lincoln's call for an additional 300,000 soldiers to fight in the American Civil War. Dieter joined Company F of the 9th Minnesota and joined General Sherman's March to the Sea in 1864. That was the last that his wife heard from him until she received a letter in 1864 from a place called Andersonville in Georgia. This is the story of Jacob Dieter and the mystery that still surrounds his death.